Our Story 

The Environmental Action Club at Amherst Regional High School is run by an amazing Ecology teacher named Nicholas Shaw, or as the students call him Mr. Shaw. Currently the club is run by some very strong senior leaders that are passionate about our planet. Allison Brau, Grace Garman, and Emily Wang are amazing young women who have a deep passion for activism and helping our planet. The club currently meets every Thursday from 2:30-3:00 pm where they work on projects in the progress, share ideas for the future, and collaborate to work towards the clubs goals.


Currently the club is looking to expand outside of the school walls and get more members of our community passionate and involved with upcoming events. Usually the club only operates during the school year, but saving our planet simply cannot wait. This is why we want to make Amherst Environmental Action more of a town wide organization for change.   

How You Can Help 

Like the saying goes there is strength in numbers. In order to have the most reach and impact we need your support and help. If you are interested in getting involved with Amherst Environmental Action there are a couple of things you can do to work with us, and help us growth. The first would be to sign up and volunteer for events such as the Amherst Drive Free Day on June 30th, 2021. The more people we have involved in each event the greater impact we have as a whole, and the more people we can reach. The other way you can support us is by spreading the good word. Give us a follow on Facebook, and Instagram so you stay up to date with our events, and so our content gets shown to more people just like you. Also tell your friends, family members, co-workers and pets about us and tell them to check out our website. People follow true on advice they get from people they trust so this can be a great way to get our movement in front of more eyes. Who knows maybe something we do or say will inspire people to have a deeper passion for our planet and all of it's creatures. 

Our Mission 

Our goal with Amherst Environmental Action is to show people that they can make a positive impact on our planet, and that there is strength in numbers. We focus on educating people on important issues related to climate change, and taking action on what we believe in through community student led projects. We believe that even small actions are important and that major change takes time. By beginning local and in our own lives we can unite the people of Amherst together and stand up to the systems currently in place that are reeking havoc on our ecosystems and home as a whole. Each event starts out as an idea that blossoms into a plan, and eventually to action.  We hope that our work can inspire us all to change our daily habits, and inspire other groups and communities across the world to stand up for Earth and begin taking action. 

Our mission is only possible with the help of you and members of our community. By supporting and showing up for our events you are not only serving our planet, but serving everyone else involved. If you have never volunteered or it isn't your thing step outside of your comfort zone and take a chance. Volunteering can teach you new things, and it can be a great way to bring a group together. The only way we are going to create change in this world is through unity, so let's accept our differences and make a lasting impact.